Growing Healthy Families for Today and for Eternity

The purpose of Family Ministries is to  help families develop strong healthy, spiritual and nurturing relationships within its unit by preparation and empowerment of local congregations  while striving to deepen  families’ commitment to spiritual and social values such as forgiveness, acceptance, personal responsibility and respect for each family member, through seminars, workshops, with referrals for individual and family therapy. Family Ministries is comprehensive in its planning to develop functional church environments which enhance the worship and ministry experience of its members. Society is experiencing the breakup of families. Family Ministries leads to a witness where Jesus is Healer and Sustainer of homes and families.

The Haystacks Church

We are all familiar with haystacks here in the Adventist Church. It’s not surprising that Andy Nash would entitle his book The Haystacks Church. Everyone makes their haystack different, but it is the mixture that creates that special flavor we long for. What does that mixture “taste” like in the Adventist Church? This book explores the issues we all grapple with collectively. Are you in your comfort zone? Are you so grounded that a strong wind could not move you? Andy Nash challenges you and me to take a look at ourselves in the Haystacks Church. The results could cause Adventism never to “taste” the same again. Haystacks Church Book Overview

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