Oversees local church adult Sabbath Schools.

You can participate in a weekly nurturing process known as Sabbath School. The Adventist Church operates a school each Sabbath for all age groups in almost every church around the world. While the curriculum is designed by professionals within the church, each division of the local school is manned by volunteers. The Sabbath School is about a 70-minute exercise usually conducted before or after the worship service in the local church, and it is based on four basic goals:

  1. Bible Study—Each level of the Sabbath School has a printed Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. It covers a topic of study for a three-month period. The goal is to encourage daily study of the Bible to develop one’s faith in God and the truths of His Word.
  2. Fellowship—It is important to develop relationships based on shared ideals, goals, and concerns. The aim is for each class to develop a climate that encourages freedom to express what one has learned from the week’s Bible study and to share prayer requests.
  3. Community Concern—Time should be spent in each class to learn how to share one’s faith with others in the community.
  4. World Missions—An emphasis is placed on the worldwide mission activities of the church, and opportunity is given to support missions financially.

A Children’s Ministries coordinator plans workshops to provide training for the volunteers who teach in the children’s departments of the Sabbath School Department.