Amparo Rumaldo
Administrative Assistant

Fundamentals of Christian Education

Christian Education not only refers to the educating of students on the knowledge of God but also that the application of the gifts that God has given us is the sole way of a complete education. Through the biblical foundations discussed and the methods of critical thinking taught, we come to the conclusion on many things pertaining to a child’s education and the path they have chosen in and for their life. But most importantly, education and wisdom are gained through the dedication and discipline of choosing God every day of our lives. Choosing to have discipline in all things brings freedom in all things, which combined with proper instruction, guidance, and education exemplifies how Christ intends for us to live. Our teachers of the Southwest Region Conference are committed to instilling Christ-like attributes into each student and to the excellence of a quality Christian Education. Our teachers are unapologetic and intentional in introducing and teaching who Christ is and His desire to be their friend, Savior, and God. Here in the Southwest Region Education Department, we commit ourselves to the excellence of our staff and to the enhancement of students in all of our schools.

Our Motto

Christ-Centered, Excellence Focused, Service Oriented

Our Belief

We believe our students are reachable, teachable, loveable, and saveable.