The Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day-Adventists has various ministries to offer that will engage everyone for serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The following is a comprehensive list and description of all the ministries offered by our conference.

Adult Sabbath School

Oversees local church adult Sabbath School.

Adventurers / Pathfinders

Coordinates Conference Adventurer & Pathfinder programs & assists local church clubs.

Children’s Ministries

Provides training and workshops for the church volunteers who teach in the Children’s Sabbath School Department and who conduct Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs.

Communications, Media, & Public Relations

Oversees local church adult Sabbath School.

Community Services

Coordinates services provided by local churches for those in need of assistance; manages disaster and disaster recovery efforts.


The Seventh-day Adventist Education System is a steward of all children and youth entrusted by the Church for spiritual nurture and educational excellence.

Family Ministries

Provides training & materials to assist families with outreach & special needs.

Health Ministries

Promotes healthful living to help people have happier and healthier lives.

Diversity Ministries

Promotes and supports the expansion of the Latino / Hispanic work in the Southwest Region Conference.

Ministerial & Evangelism

Helps to enhance the pastors’ ability to serve their congregations.

Personal Ministries

Provides training & support for outreach ministries.

Prayer Ministries

Coordinates prayer initiatives for the conference and the churches.

Public Affairs & Religious Liberty

Helps to protect our religious freedom.

Singles’ Ministries

Coordinates outreach & support programs for singles.

Stewardship & Trust

Encourages the use of time, talents, & finances for the Lord’s work.


Oversees finances for conference office and the field.

Women’s Ministries

Coordinates outreach & support programs for women.

Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Coordinate programs & activities for youth.