A Message from Our President

Dear Southwest Region Conference Family: 

The month of August has come, and ministry in the great Southwest Region Conference is alive and well!  My family and I have had the privilege of visiting churches and members throughout our conference territory, and we’ve been elated to see that God’s word is still being preached, individuals are still accepting Jesus as their personal Savior, and souls are still being baptized!  Praise the Lord! 

Our emphasis on: 1) Evangelism, 2) Adventist Education, 3) Media and Digital Expansion, and 4) Youth and Young Adult Engagement and Ministry is being seen, felt, and heard! 

For evangelism, numerous evangelistic series, English and Spanish-speaking, are in process right now, and countless campaigns will be held this fall.  We’re happy to announce that in collaboration with Breath of Life Television Ministries and Adventist World Radio (AWR), we will have major public evangelistic campaigns in Houston, TX this fall!  Yours truly, Dr. Carlton P. Byrd, will preach the word of God for the English campaign; Pastor Eddie Canales of AWR will preach the word of God in our Spanish campaign. Several musical artists will share their ministry, and Bible Workers and church members alike will extend the love of God through prayer and Bible Study!  For a complete listing of evangelistic campaigns for the second half of 2021 in our conference territory, please click here.

With Adventist Education, our 2021-2022 school year has begun, and we’re seeing an increase in our conference-wide student enrollment!  Also, one of our schools, Applegate Adventist Christian Academy in Round Rock, TX, has opened its doors to a newly renovated school facility!   Congratulations to our Principal, Mrs. Ingrid Stanley, and Applegate Adventist Junior Academy!  Please know that it’s not too late to enroll your child(ren) in one of our schools.  If it matters to you what your child’s teacher believes, and you’re seeking to raise “G” rated kids in an “R” rated world, I appeal to you to contact our Conference Department of Education at 214.943.4491 and enroll your child(ren). 

Moving 4ward Logo

Our Media and Digital Ministry footprint is also growing as we’re producing our monthly eNewsletter, along with preparing to launch a systematic worship experience via the internet! 

Recently, we have begun our “Apostle Boot Camp,” spearheaded by our Youth Ministries Department, Pastor Carl Ming, Pastor Vanston Archbold, and yours truly. It is a weekly Virtual Training Class for youth and young adults who are interested in sharing Bible Studies with others. To enroll in this free class, please contact the Youth Department at our conference office. 

Put simply, by God’s grace, we’re “Moving Southwest 4Ward!”

To read more about the President’s Vision and Plans for our Conference, please click here

We’re also pleased to announce that our Southwest Region Conference Executive Committee met on July 11, 2021, and voted to extend the invitation to Pastor Jason North to serve as our Conference Executive Secretary.  Most recently, Pastor North served as the Pastor for Youth and Young Adults at the Oakwood University Church in Huntsville, AL, and formerly as a Pastor and Youth Ministries Director for the Lake Region Conference.  A hard worker with a love for God and God’s people, Pastor North loves evangelism, began his ministerial career as an Adventist educator, has high proficiency in marketing and social media, and loves youth ministry as evidenced by his service as a Youth Ministries Director.  His ministry gifts and experience are commensurate with our aforementioned four stated strategic goals!  We welcome Pastor Jason and Mrs. Angie North, along with their three children to the great Southwest Region!

In closing, kindly let me thank you for your prayers and support for me, my wife, our family, and our ministry as we have transitioned “home” to the Southwest Region Conference! 

May God continue to bless you!  And may God continue to bless Southwest Region! 


Dr. Carlton P. Byrd, President